Appreciating the Goddess w/ Charles William


About the Show

Appreciating the Goddess is a GUIDE for Men.

Every week, we will talk about about the change in the way males think about what is happening on the planet today. It is also about HOW to appreciate and honor the goddess/best friend/partner in your life as well as "Intentional Thought 101". It is my intention to bring listeners great insight and inspiration "intuitively" to awakening men and women all over the world.

About Charles

Charles William has just released a new mini-book, Speak Only GOOD. It came out of a metaphysical experience of an awareness where he saw a united earth as well as individual oneness, simply through good words, thus the books' name.

The simplicity of it all is however, that this is about each of us personally accepting, growing, expanding and applying this in our own lives first. Proclamation is not necessary. Just think and grow. Let go and expand.

This is all about you, about each of us remembering our own grandness, as beings of light and love, as creators who create with every thought. To purchase Speak Only Good, please visit

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