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About the Show

Join Jewels as she talks with NY Times Bestselling Authors, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Spiritual Leaders and Law of Attraction Experts.

Stay in the well-being that makes co-creation work so beautifully... all through the Law of Attraction.

About Jewels

Jewels lives in Southern California and has a successful hypnotherapy practice specializing in the Law of Attraction. An internet radio pioneer, Jewels began broadcasting 5 years ago as the first step in assisting people to feel their personal power.

Two years later, Jewels created the Law of Attraction Radio Network to fulfill the many requests to have more inspiring shows available 7 days per week. Recognizing the necessary action steps, Jewels also learned the necessity to let go of the reigns and let the Universe take over. Today, the Law of Attraction Radio Network is heard all over the world and she gets to participate in two fabulous cruises featuring some really tremendous Law of Attraction Talent.

The incredible success of the network has made one thing perfectly clear.People want to plug their minds into conscious creation 24/7. The network gives listeners the opportunities to stay connected and avoid the negativity of the daily news. It also proves the existence of the Law of Attraction..."Build it [in love] and they will come."

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