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Rebecca Hanson's unique blend of spiritual gifts, practical applications and teaching LOA have a quick, powerful and long-lasting effect on everyone she meets. LOA Certified Radio Show features the teachings and insights of Rebecca, her students and graduates.

About Rebecca Hanson

For over 40 years Rebecca Hanson has been a catalyst as well as a bridge for helping people to find their own pathway to higher-consciousness. As a "translator" of higher-consciousness experiences, she is able to explain in plain language, deep non-linear concepts. This gift, along with her ability to develop long-lasting curriculum, enabled her to found and develop the Law of Attraction Training Center into the vehicle of transformation it is today.

Starting the Law of Attraction Training Center in 2003 was a way for Rebecca to begin interfacing with people who are also on a spiritual journey and she has helped hundreds find a better, more effective way to positively impact more and more people. The Mission of the Law of Attraction Training Center is simple; to develop and deliver powerful, life-changing teaching around Universal principles, primarily the Law of Attraction, to people all over the world, while we remain true to our vision and calling to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Rebecca is a powerful story-teller. All her stories are true accounts which demonstrate Law of Attraction principles through her vast life-experiences. Students love her giggle and often comment that "the sound of her voice is like a soothing glass of iced tea on a hot day!"

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